Monday, 30 September 2013

Love the underwear then the man...

Such exciting news I have to share with you. Two things. First, think boxers (not the dog) briefs, quality underwear, sexy, Dick Love, and DGU which stands for Dead Good Undies. DGU, an online retailer based in the UK stocking the best in men's underwear and more, has just released a press release about Enigma. For those of you who have been in a coma these last few weeks, Enigma is a crime mystery novel released under the pseudonym Wolf Black. Why? Because one of the two detectives, Dick Love, wears Doreanse 1777 boxer briefs which DGU introduced to the UK. And dead sexy they are too. The underwear I mean. Although DGU could well be too. So, many thanks indeed to Jane Garner over at DGU. Nice one. The other thing I want to impart is yippee! Enigma has passed the 1000 download mark which isn't something to be sniffed at considering it was only published less than three months ago. So! Enjoy the link and thank you to all who download Enigma and wear your knickers well. TTFN, Love Rosie. X

Friday, 6 September 2013

Talk. Tape. Take

"Isn't that just typical," I hear you mutter, "we don't hear from her in ages," and "personally I thought she was dead," I hear another mutter, charming, thank you indeed for that. And now you can't keep me away! Well, what have I got to gripe about this time? No griping simply promoting. I have done an interview with Smashwords and thought you might like to have a shifty at it. I kept the answers concise purely to prevent inordinate amounts of tedium overpowering you like a blanket of frustrating fog. Most considerate of me I thought, not to mention restrained because you know what, writers love to talk about themselves, their books, their favourite pens, notepads, future books, past books, what they had for dinner last night, their cars, their cats…. Cats? Cars? Really? Funny you should say that because I have this great tale about… hello? My screen just went blank.