Thursday, 5 May 2011

Can I really be podcasting?


Have been having great fun delivering my podcast for my soon to be released ebook “Bach’s the name: Survival’s my game”!I have to admit, I did find it bloody hard going, but it was fun delivering it. Especially when doing the different voices! Bit off with the accents now and then, Texas instead of Brisbane, but one got the gist - that it was someone else speaking.

Going into discussions about an eye-catching ebook cover is imminent and hopefully within the next few weeks “Bach’s the name: Survival’s my game” will be available. Exciting innit! So, I’ll be keeping this blog updated come rain or shine: interpretation - fitting in with the ME - even if I have to get Shingy to do it… aah, we’ll manage between us what with our British bulldog spirit and Margaret Rutherford-type gumption, yes, indeedy, we’ll keep on top of it.

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