Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Got my publisher's hat on

In brief, as we publishers are a busy lot, am having fun, frolics, headaches, panic attacks and death by chocolate in publishing seven eBooks on Amazon. And now my jobbie poo is to get you lot out there to gravitate towards my scribblings for both children and adults. Two hours later... I have no idea. But listen here, they are cheap, amusing, entertaining and did I mention cheap, 77 pence or 99 cents, ranging from fiction to real life. Absurd (think Victor Meldrew) to amusing (think smiling politely without showing your teeth). Hope you enjoy them. Why not let me know? Until next time.


  1. Like the logo. Looking good. Can't wait to check them out!

    1. Dear Anonymous

      Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Glad you like it. And please forgive tardiness in getting back to you but I come bearing good news.

      All seven eBooks including my very latest, a crime mystery novel called Enigma written under the pseudonym Wolf Black, are now available on Smashwords for FREE!

      Oggy. Oggy. Oggy.

      Happy reading,
      Best, best