Thursday, 22 August 2013

Causing a stink of the nicest kind

What's new on the old home front? For starters I've been hit where it hurts by my old friend and companion ME/CFS. More pertinently one particular and debilitating symptom (and I won’t go into details so you can refrain from squinting to avoid the gory bits as there are none) that has me going up and down more times than rides on a helter-skelter. Although I will say it is insidious and worse than all the other symptoms put together, anyway... I have been steadily working on ways to combat this and for the moment it appears to have improved as the time difference between each "attack" is slightly longer. Although just when I think I have it licked or as near as… boom! So, no place for complacency I’m afraid. And why don’t I simply label this blog entry medical bits and bobs of Rosie Bach-H. Sorry. One does tend to get self-involved when one's health is so controlling. But it does have knock-on effects which is where the writing and books come in. Finally, I heard you say? Last thought, bear with, if and when I do find something that actually helps I want to shout it to the world in the hope it might assist some other poor sod who is in the same boat. Now over to the pen and ink. Isn't that cockney rhyming slang for stink? "Enigma" has been on Smashwords, and Amazon, but for this blog I refer to Smashwords, for going on six weeks now and the result has been out of this world. Totally unexpected but appreciated. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank most sincerely the readers who took the time to post reviews and what reviews! Wow! Really? Most humbling indeed. I can't help but think they meant someone else and it somehow got posted to Wolf Black in error. I'm knocked back by it. Thank you. And I don’t even know these persons. That's the amazing thing. Well, apart from one. My ex-husband posted a review but only because he is a bona fide fan of Wolf Black's "Enigma". For the record, the latest version of all books on Smashwords, and Amazon, posted in August should now be without squiggles, the odd minor "oops!" and "how did that get in there?" cough, cough. Exciting stuff, all this pertaining to Wolfie's reception. Thank you again and I hope many more of you continue to enjoy "Enigma" especially whilst it's still on offer for free. I'm going to have to start charging eventually which will probably come about towards the end of 2013. Well, back to it. Finding and keeping ways to get and stay well, getting writing, two sides of the same coin. Keep smiling. Rosie

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