Tuesday, 26 November 2013

So, what’s been happening lately?

Hello you lot out there. Hope all is well and groovy. I’ve been busy. Absolutely! When one is ill one is being busy being ill which is par for the course so we won’t talk about it… um, what else. I now have a total of seven websites and three blogs. What do you mean, do I have to?


Actually, four blogs counting my book blog but it’s been so long since I’ve even popped by I’m not sure it still exists. Have to hack away at the virtual cobwebs when I do venture on to there. It will become more active once I’ve published and released my autobiography on which I am currently working. Takes time especially when I’m doing other things hence the inactivity on the corresponding blog and... phew!

I’m also at the beginning of a new creative venture. Yes, typically, I got this bright idea and in my usual inimitable style have gone into it all gung-ho. I’ll let you know how that turns out. It should be fun. In the meantime two words with which to tantalise you: Jewellery. Heavenly. Okay make that three: Designer. Jewellery. Heavenly.

And for my visual trip down memory lane, today I have a picture of JS Bach’s organ if you’ll pardon the expression. Took a trip there to St Thomas Church in Leipzig almost as a pilgrimage. Most emotional. Spiritual and touching. Was very moving.

TTFN. Best, best. Rxx

And I almost forgot. Links to my other blog and that of my male counterpart, Wolfie, simply click on below. x

Rosie Wordpress blog: http://rbachholzer.wordpress.com/

Wolf Black Wordpress blog: http://enigmawolfblack.wordpress.com/

Rosie working website listing all blogs and websites: http://www.rosemarybachholzer.co.uk

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