Monday, 9 February 2009

Victoria Meldrew at large

I did wonder, to myself, how long I could go without reverting to type.

What’s my latest gripe about?

Book agents.

Which probably isn’t the smartest move in anybody’s book considering my mission of attempting to procure one. To be fair, I don’t refer to ALL agents. I do not blanket bomb. But, how many of you fellow scribblers out there, amateur or professional, unpublished or published, have thought that perhaps agents can and do tend to lord it over us peasants.

Which is strange because without us they wouldn’t have a job. Anyone care to enlighten me or care to share your agent experiences? Maybe we should form a club. Our motto could be, “Everybody is a nobody until they are somebody”. Corny I know, but true. Even JK Rowling wasn’t born with a silver quill in her hand.

Come on, agents! You know who YOU are. Please don’t be so snooty with your nose up in the air. Go out in the rain like that and you’ll drown. And we can’t let that happen.

Can we? No! Absolutely not...

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