Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Mandatory families?

It’s too family-oriented. There are single people and couples out there as well. A huge percentage of the public don’t have children.

They’ve matured moved away or not due to recession and high mortgage repayments or perhaps... wash my mouth out... they don’t exist because public in question never wanted any in the first place. We’re not all Little House on the Prairie. I realise this no doubt puts me in the same bracket as the Antichrist, so shoot me! We do exist and tripping along to Mothercare or Disneyland Paris is not high on my list of ten things to do before I die as much as I rate Donald Duck as one of the best entertainers to come out of America.

With the elderly living longer and the young not being given a chance to get old due to the increase in hoodies and knife-oriented crimes, there’s a huge audience out there whose first thought in the morning is not, “I hope I can make it to nursery school this morning without Ashentella being sick all over the back seat again.” For many, those days have long gone or - were never there in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong. There was a time a few years ago I thought about having a child. Adopting one. A baby girl from China because:
a) I like the Chinese
b) girls appear to be surplus to requirements
c) adopting because I’m into recycling.

Due to my general dithering and worrying thoughts of - would they consider me as a parent due to my ME (I don’t agree with that and it is highly discriminatory but this is [yeuch!] real life) and would I cope due to my ME and being single (more realistic) - I lost out.

It’s the so-called fashionable attitude to children that makes me feel uncomfortable. Why can’t people leave children in general alone to be children, treat them like children (they’re not demigods) and allow them to grow up in their own time? Why do many, under the guise of “we know best” along with the expectation the public must be like-minded, insist on interfering? I mean, assisting. And why is it when confronted by the sight of “precious” in its pushchair with one finger up its nose the other jabbing at it eye bawling its head off because the jabbing finger has ended up in the eye, why is it we’re expected to fall over backwards claiming “how gorgeous!”

Scary. On the other hand... have a well-behaved little ball of fluff or a cute ugly manky-looking mongrel trotting along on the end of its lead and you might get more of a reaction...

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